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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stand-Up or Skate Paddling, Anyone???

Are you interested in learning something new this year? Come on; it's the start of a new year! This sport is relatively new. It's conditioning and fun! -Even I want to try it! This company and it's message caught my attention. They have a multi-fold vision and a benevolent mission.  Read on, check out their website- http://skatepaddlesports.com and perhaps consider the crowd-funding opportunity.

Skate Paddle Sports is more than fun and fitness…it’s about changing the WORLD! Starting in our little corner of it – Imperial Beach, CA. Once we realized we were on to something – revolutionizing skate boarding for everyone with an amazing skate paddle – then it was only natural for us to figure out how this skate paddle can create jobs and economic development in our little town of 26,000 people in the 91932, just south of the city of San Diego, and feet from the border of Mexico. We can honestly say…
Our Skate Paddles and Boards WILL BE MADE IN THE USA…barely!
We are also uniquely situated near some of the toughest training sites for the Navy and Marines. We see Wounded Warriors everyday, and are excited to have created prosthetic paddles to allow amputees everywhere the opportunity to have fun too!
Our mission also includes using our profits to build sustainable orphanages in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, then working south! Not only sheltering the children who are homeless and live on the streets of Tijuana, but also uncovering and fostering their God-given talents so that they may build up the next generation of Mexico. Our mission really is about changing the world…
Are you in? Do YOU want to help?
Thank you and God Bless!