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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Do You Do.... Gloves?

Let's talk about something new.... We cleaned closets this week-end in anticipation of the cold weather approaching quickly! Temperatures here in New England are expected to plummet with the high only reaching about 50 degrees. I'll need to don a hat and gloves for our nightly walk. I don't know about you, but it can be costly buying gloves. Good gloves typically are priced beginning at $20; more for fitted or lined leather; less for the cheapies. In any case, I don't like paying $20 for the use of only one glove!! Especially since I'm likely to lose the left (the one I need and use) and am stuck with the right! (Anyone need a right hand glove? I do have a few!) There have been times when friends or family will pass on to me the left hand glove when they have misplaced the right in the pair. -One glove is not usually helpful for a two-handed person, but can be a blessing to me!

Over the years I've discovered a few helpful hints to keep my hand warm during chilly weather.... my favorite of course is to hold hands with my husband. But there are times when one needs a glove or a mitten. The least expensive option is the 'magic glove'. These are sold in a universal pair, meaning that it's a set of two and that both gloves fit either hand. They are available in a wide assortment of colors and sizes for both adults and children. The benfits are that they are cheap and useable for either hand. The drawback.... they are cheap and not overly warm. One might have to wear a few layers of magic gloves to have a warm hand.

Another solution is the knitted woolen glove or a fleece glove. These are sold in fitted pairs and are warmer than the magic gloves. Since they are fitted and are hand-specific, the problem is that a one-handed person cannot use the other glove.... unless you turn it inside out.

Granted, it's not pretty, but when it comes right down to it function wins over form for staying warm. I'd rather look like a goof and be toasty warm  than freezing and  frost-bitten.

 When I'm out on my snow shoes I like to wear my heavy fleece mittens, often with a pair of insulated glove liners. (True, I don't really wear the pair; I only use the liner on my hand; my prosthesis does not need the extra insulation!) In any case, the mitten fits nicely over my Adept terminal device, don''t you think???

Lastly, and probably most special of all is the pair of fingerless gloves that my friend Hermine knitted especially for me. They keep the palm warm and look chic. Of course, I have the pair to add symmetry!

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