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Friday, February 4, 2011

How Have You Been...?

Hello Everyone! I hope that you have enjoyed festive holidays and are entertaining a blessed new year.... Now,  as much as we here in the northeast might love our four seasons (yes, winter being one of them), I for one am seriously looking forward to a pleasant spring!
I apologize for the long hiatus and though I was not publishing entries, I do have 10 "in the works" and almost ready for your review. Before I tell you what we will be discussing, I would like to take a moment to share some of my adventures. I had the privilege of travelling to Belgium to speak at the Loth Symposium at the invitation of Dr.Corrie von Sluis and Mr. Gerritt Visser from The Netherlands. I re-acquainted with several occupational therapists, prosthetists and engineers and learned much from them. It was a fantastic opportunity and I enjoyed a wonderful time. Thank you to you all!
Upon my return I underwent surgery with a lengthy recuperation. During this time I responded personally to many of your inquiries and drafted the entries that you will be reading. We will pick up where we left off: with activities of daily living. These upcoming issues will demonstrate strategies for completing various fasteners on clothing and jewelry, as well as diversional activities... cutting, computer key boarding, playing the guitar and knitting.
Thank you for reading and being a part of this blog. Single-Handed Solutions is now read in 51 countries and is translated into 34 languages. As in the past I look forward to your comments, suggestions and inquiries. May you be richly blessed!


  1. Hi Debi

    it is very nice to share your experiences and making it easier for people to adapt to the use of one hand.

    i would like to ask without the aid of a prosthesis, is it rather tough to cut fillets of meat? how would you suggest to slice fillet?

    (i understand that precut meat are available but there are just times when i haven't decide what to cook so getting a fillet and cutting it accordingly then)

  2. Without a prosthesis you can cut meat by using an assistive device such as a rocker knife. There are several different styles available through Patterson Medical or other medical supply providers. You might also use a universal cuff on your residual limb and place a fork in it; use the knife in your hand to accomplish the actual cutting. And finally, you may try a fork-knife combination tool. It is a fork with a mild blade on the side of an outer tine. It sounds dangerous but the blade is really not all that sharp.


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