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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why are you starting a blog now?

GREAT QUESTION!! Someone once told me that some questions are best answered with a question. That being said; Why NOT? I have over a half century's experience of living with a congenital limb deficiency, the blessing of fantastic parents who taught me that "can't" was not an option; and knowledge that possibilities are only as limited as the mind will allow and creativity, humor and will are the keys to ability.
In an age where we are seeking the benefits of maximal independence and quality of life, how could I not share my own nuggets of empowerment?!
NOW is a great time to begin... so let's, shall we?
I use a body-powered prosthesis and have since I was about 2 1/2 yers of age. I received my first prosthesis (passive) at a little over a year old.  I joke that some mothers save their children's shoes; mine saved my arms! And yes, I still have most of them.
Let me tell you about my new prosthesis. It has a black carbon-fibre forearm with a jet black Adept Prehensor voluntary-closing terminal device fabricated by TRS of Colorado. (Check out the website!) Its function is enhanced by the Sure-Lok Cable Lock and Control System also offered by TRS. Access to body power is achieved by my own invention, the Anchor, a harness-less technology currently offered to patients at Shriners Hospitals for Children and hopefully soon available to the public.
This is my favorite prosthesis. I love the savvy look, the ability of the thumb and that I can continue to do everything that I need to do and want to do, easily! You can see how happy I am in the photo above!
This blog is intended to share experiences and to serve as a venue to answer questions... from others who experience  upper extremity 'one'ness be it congenital or acquired, or those providing care, guidance or support. Please feel free to post your questions.... I'll use this column to answer inquiries.... and will post at least one a week!! In the meantime: be well, be happy, be at peace!


  1. Like the pic! Proud of u mama!

  2. Woo Hoo...you go girl. How wonderful that others can share in your accomplishments. You have always been a great inspiration to those around you.

  3. I love that you started a blog. It suits you. I can't wait for future postings.

  4. Wow, very cool! Did you REALLY say 1/2 a century??!!
    Just have to get a few patients on board now.

  5. Congratulations..Rohit Jha

  6. Hermine Levey WestonAugust 13, 2010 at 9:14 PM

    I love that photo of you Debi. Good luck with this blog. It is sure to take off and inspire many people.

  7. Dear Debi, You are an inspiration! Love, Kim

  8. As an OT I am thrilled that you are doing this. It will be helpful to so many people - both those with a limb deficiency and those working with them. I love your outlook on life Debi!

    Ann at Shriners Hospital for Children Twin Cities


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