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Monday, August 30, 2010

How Do You Do... Cutting Food?

I'm hungry; aren't you? Eating is something that we do at least a few times a day! Since I have a hand, I use it to hold my fork while dining. I do not use special equipment for this task, but that does not mean it wouldn't be helpful for others. For example, if I lost use of my left hand, I would use my prosthesis to hold the fork or spoon -But a better utensil might be one with a bent angle; especially since my wrist component does not have a flexion action. A great way to grasp utensils with the hook is by pinching it between the 'fingers' and resting the handle on the outer side of the medial or 'thumb-side' finger.

And I would probably use a rocker knife or a rolling pizza knife to facilitate better cutting with the prosthesis.

But this is really about cutting the food. I hold the fork in a similar fashion when I'm cutting my meat. The difference is that I face the fork downward and use it to spear the food.

I then use a knife in my hand.

Once the food is cut, I switch utensils and hold the fork in my hand to eat.

I use a similar technique with my Adept,

only after grasping the fork with the terminal device, I click the button on the Sure-Lock system and it does the work of active pinching for me.

My energy is saved for cutting... and then of course eating!

If I am not using a prosthesis (I admit, that's rare! -I wear my prosthesis typically 15-18 hours per day.), I grasp the fork in the crook of my elbow (residual limb side, of course)

and cut holding the knife in my hand.

Then I transfer the utensil to my hand.

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