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Thursday, September 2, 2010

How Do You Do... Cooking 101

Since we were just talking about cutting food, this is a good opportunity to segue into cooking. Now, cooking has not always been a passion... just ask my mother (please, don't ask my brothers, my kids or my husband! -My sister will vouch for me though!). When my daughters were small, someone asked them what was their favorite meal for me to make them... they responded by naming the local grocery store's salad bar. Ouch!
I can thank my friend Elaine for inspiring me to cook more (please check out her blog, http://cookinwithlove.blogspot.com/ for some savory ideas!). I also have to say that cooking is much more enjoyable with my new terminal device, the Adept. I know, this sounds like an ad for TRS(www.oandp.com/products/trs) but honestly, don't you want to know WHY???? It's because of the thumb! Really. It's amazing. Did you know, that in the human hand, the thumb accounts for approximately 70% of hand function? Using the hook, I was notorious for squishing tomatoes, fruit, and bread OR for shooting slippery foods across the room. With the Adept, I can grasp deftly and not pulverize food while cutting. I love it. You should see me chop. I put Mr. Ginsu to shame.
What about mixing? Of course I love my KitchenAid mixer ( who doesn't?) but if mixing by hand I prefer a bowl with a handle. I can grab it with my terminal device to stabilize the bowl. I love bowls that have a non-skid surface on the bottom and a handle that is open. If I'm not wearing my prosthesis, I can hold the bowl by positioning my residual arm at about the elbow length in the handle to stabilize it.
Getting things out of the oven is easy... I use both my hand and my prosthesis to balance the pans - I only need one potholder if using the hook; I use a silicon hot pad (ok, sometimes) when using the Adept.
If I'm not wearing a prosthesis, I definitely cover my residual limb with a potholder or several layers of dishtowels and remove the pan with my hand and arm.
My friends Hermine and Brian love to invite us for their famous Lobster Fest... I am the Official Remover of the Lobster from the Pot. You guessed it, I reach into the pot with my bare hook (NOT my beautiful black Adept) and grab the lobster! And of course, I come equipped with my own lobster dissembly tools!
So, what do YOU think about all of this information? Watch for the next issue... We'll review actual chopping techniques, opening cans (using an electric can opener is just too easy!) and transferring pots of hot water from stove to sink. Enjoy the long holiday week-end and stay safe from Hurricane Earl!

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