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Friday, September 17, 2010

How Do You Do... Washing Dishes?

Now that we've done all of this cooking, we have a ton of dishes to wash! Believe it or not, washing dishes is a task I actually enjoy. It's my therapy!!!! When I was younger, my sister and I had the responsibility of clearing the table and washing, drying and putting away the dishes nightly. I didn't seem to love it then; probably because there were so many dishes and because there was no choice involved.  I recall telling my parents on one occasion that I could not wash the dishes and shouldn't be required to do so because the water would rust my hook. My father was quick to explain to me the scientific properties of aluminum (it doesn't rust) and sent me back to the kitchen. At the time, it was worth a try!
When washing dishes, I hold the sponge in my terminal device.

With the Adept, I use the Sure-Lock and it maintains the grasp for me.

If no prosthesis, I use either a dishcloth  draped over my residual arm  or I push the sponge with my residual arm and hold the dish in my hand. Glasses are easy... my shorter arm fits right inside the glass to wash it out.

When washing pans, I hold the scrubber in my hand instead and stabilize the pan or pot with my prosthesis or residual arm.

Drying dishes is accomplished by holding the towel in my terminal device or draped on my arm if no prosthesis.

That was easy... we made short work of the dishes!

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