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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday Blessings

Hi Everyone! Have I mentioned that I am a Shriners Kid??? OK, I know that I have .... Today, a reporter visited the hospital and I was among those asked to interview with her. What an honor to be an ambassador for a hospital system that has influenced my life... and permits me to influence others! You can check out the link here:

You know, I would love to tell you that my experience receiving state-of-the-art care as a child was what "made the difference" in my life.... But that would not be the gospel truth. Was it an important factor? Absolutely.... but I have been blessed with....
1. great family: terrific and insightful parents, wonderful and loving grandparents, my sister and brothers -and their life partners- who are my best friends, my daughters who are my pride and joy, nieces and nephews who love me in spite of my quirky humor (and even encourage it!) and my husband: handsome, cool, my absolute soul mate who understands me, protects me, loves me....
2. great faith: a personal relationship with God who loves me, forgives me, destined me and never fails me... WOW!
3. humor: I'm not saying that it's not odd, but... come on, I can be pretty funny. At least I thnk so... I entertain myself!!!
4. persistence: the gentle flow of water will wear through the hardness of the rock... I will persevere, I will keep trying...
So, why all of this today? Today is the day I celebrate  my accomplishments to date, forgive my own shortcomings, acknowledge the blessings of family and dear friends.... and press on! Happy Blessed Day!!!

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