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Thursday, April 12, 2012


So, let's get back to this idea of a positive attitude.... to create a word-picture for you, I'll use the idea of making lemonade from the lemons handed to each of us by.... well, the challenges of life. We all have them (referring to challenges!) whether we have 2 hands or not. What matters is what we do with the challenge. Have you ever thought about your strengths, abilities or talents? If you don't use them, they will not continue to be a strength to you. Challenges are not much different. If you don't face them, deal with them and learn to work around them, you will not be strengthened. By exercising* (i.e. learning a 'work-around' to) your weakness, you actually exorcise (eliminate) your weakness and in that way, the challenge actually becomes a strength. Simply stated, our weakness can actually become our strength.
Many times people who do not know me will make initial  statements such as this: "Oh, how terribly difficult to go through life without a hand" or "You poor thing..."
If I had not been born without my hand:
1. I would not likely be an occupational therapist (for the past 34 years) ;
2. I would not likely have conceived of the idea for the cutaneous anchor technology to change access to body power without harnessng in an upper extremity prosthesis;
3. I would not have started this blog that now circles the globe;
4. or the company Single-Handed Solutions that offers creative solutions in simple technology and adaptive strategies.
Although I don't honestly know if I would actually CHOOSE to not have a hand, what I do know is this:
1. There are far worse things one might endure than not having two hands;
2. Some of my most difficult life experiences had less to do with not having two hands and were more related to not making the best choice;
3. I am not a 'poor thing'...
I am blessed with a wonderful family and my life is rich with meaningful relationships. I have employment that is more than a job; it is a ministry and an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others and in our world.
Lemons, anyone? They are an opportunity to make lemonade... or even occasionally limoncello!


  1. Everyone should read your blog. Inpiring , Funny and so well-written. All I can say " Wow"

  2. I thoroughly enjoy everything you write and can't wait until my single handed 6 year old is able to read on his own to be inspired in this way by you!

  3. I’m so honored to know you, Debi! You are always inspiring to me and I’m so happy that the world gets to share and learn in your inspiration! Thank you, dear friend! :) XOXO

  4. Reading this blog... makes us happy...Because we always wondered what life would bring for our baby girl...and here we are oh, so many years later with hearts full of love and pride at what a wonderful woman you have turned out to be... yes.... your Mom and Dad


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