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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eve's Addiction Ad


I notice that this company has advertised on my blog. Although I have not (YET!!) puchased from them, they do carry some jewelry that I like. -You might enjoy it as well. This particular line is called Bali Design and it is made in ... you guessed it; BALI! I particularly like the silver and gold cuffs. The design is such that it has an opening and a hinge. There are no clasps to fasten! HALLELUJAH!!
One merely opens the hinged area and slides the bracelet on the forearm. This is wonderful for those of us with one hand, or those who are experiencing decreased fine motor abilities. Check out their website for yourself! This particular line is referred to as a Vintage Style Sterling Silver Cuff. http://www.evesaddiction.com/

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