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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who says you can't teach an (old dog) new tricks?!

I have now "arrived" as a full-fledged adult.... I have a smart phone!  Probably most of you are well-experienced with this technology. I however, seem to have always been a late bloomer. And besides, I am a New Englander and we are known to be... shall we say, thrifty? My previous phone is not that old and was working perfectly fine. I could not justify spending the $$$. But all of that changed with Mothers' Day. I received my DROID as a gift and the dawn of smart technology arose within me! I love the phone, am learning about  'apps' and am trying NOT to become addicted to the technology. But it woos... it draws me. There are games and access to my e-mail accounts, my phone contacts, internet research.... My husband is citing neglect (just kidding).
But let me tell you about the cool simple technology that I've acquired to complement my smart phone. It's called Fly Grip and it's a holder that folds flat when not in use; expands to support my fingers so that my thumb is free to fly across the keys and access the world... or at least the internet and the telephone. I don't risk dropping my phone.Check it out:
I like to use my index and middle fingers in the flygrip holders and my ring and little fingers to support the device. But you can use it however you feel most comfortable and beneficial. You can get more info at flygrip.com... VERY COOL!!!!! So, who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks???

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  1. I have been avoiding a smart phone and a qwerty keyboard because I didn't think I could handle it. After looking at the flygrip I have changed my mind. I too may join the ranks of higher technology!


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