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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Reader Inquiry

I know that I promised an entry devoted to swimming... and it's coming! Sometimes my readers send requests to me via my posted personal e-mail; and I do try to respond. With permission, I like to post your questions or dilemmas and even some of my tips/tricks for solving these inconveniences. Since I have permission, and the problem is a common one it is worthwhile to share. So, read on...

My reader wrote:

"It was great meeting you... Thanks for helping me out with those tricks and tips.I love your blog. There is so much information that I had questions to and you answered them for me.
I have a problem, I have a few pants with zippers on the left side. Because I'm missing my left forearm, it makes it impossible to wear these pants. Do you have any suggestions on how I can zip up the pants, without me tossing them in the trash?
And if you have any other tips, please send them to me. I'll keep checking your blog."

The suggestions:
Tell me more about the clothing... is there a button also? And does the fabric have any 'give' to it (stretchiness) vs being stiff like denim? Pants with a little lycra are easier because the fabric moves around our curves better.
     *If the pants have a button, you can use something called a "button extender" typically sold in the men's department because many shirts fit a man's body but the neck is often too tight. There is also a pant button extender on the market, typically sold on line. If you use the button extender, you could pre-button the pants, and pull them up.
     *To fasten the zipper, you can "hold" the bottom of the zipper by pushing up against a wall or a table. Run a string through the hole in the zipper pull and reach across your body with your right hand and pull the zipper up. Then tuck the string into your pants. It works really well if you use clear plastic thread---- it's strong and invisible if it works its way out of your waistband.
     *You can also use an assistive device called a zipper pull. It's a little hook with a long handle, typically about 6 inches long. It will help you to reach the zipper on the left side ofyour body with your right hand.


There is often more than one way to accomplish a task. You change the outcome by simply re-positioning your self or the objects being used.
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