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Sunday, August 5, 2012

UH OH...Summer is ...

Oh my goodness... It's AUGUST!! Where has the time gone?! I hope that you are all enjoying the summer as much as I am! I apologize (again!) for so very much time having passed since writing. Truly, we have been enjoying the amazing weather and the great activities that summer in New England offers. One of my favorites is biking. My husband I purchased new bikes this year. Let me tell you about mine... It's made by Specialized and has 21 speeds. This model is a hybrid style that can be used both on- and off-road. (We bought our bikes from Family Bike, East Longmeadow. The technicians there were fantastic about making my accommodations, offering suggestions and getting me on the road!) We had the rear brake lever and the rear sprocket shifter moved to the left handlebar so that I can more easily control the speeds, and more safely use the brake system. I have been practicing using my terminal device (the Adept, by TRS) to rotate the right handle grip. Although my system is not perfect yet, my adaptive strategies continue to evolve and this is the best set-up I've ever had. You will also notice that in addition to wearing my helmet (forget about fashion; safety first!) I also am wearing UPF 50+ skin protection sleeves (Coolibar, sold by the pair, multiple styles, colors) which protect my skin but also seem to keep my carbon fibre forearm from heating up, especially inside the socket. And I'm using a neoprene glove (Swede-O) with wrist strap to give my left hand and wrist extra support.
When we're not at work, enjoying family or riding our bikes, we're at the pool! We'll talk about swimming next!


  1. Really want to find a tomato slicer for one hand. I am a shoulder disarticulation so have no assistance from my right hand....but I love sliced tomatoes!

    1. Have you considered a tool called a "mandolin"? It is a table-top cutter with different blades and grates that can be inserted to chop, dice, slice, grate foods whatever way you want. It is available in kitchen goods stores, like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Williams Sonoma, or CHEFS food cataklog to namea few sources. You might stabilize it on your table-top with a pieve of Dycem or other non-skid surface to keep it from sliding around. Lastly... BE CAREFUL! The blades on this tool are very sharp!! Let me know if this works!


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